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This is a tactical idea for passive self-promotion.

Your account needs to appear consistent. Delete off-topic tweets. After a day of no replies or retweets, delete it.

A consistent twitter is resource worth following. When people see that you don’t have thousands of tweets archived, your account looks ordered.

Aim to have fewer tweets archived than your follower count. The lower you can make this ratio, the better.

Think of twitter as a showcase: Only the best stuff should be on display.

If you build a twitter account supporting Trump, you better be a huge Trump supporter. This is true if you build an account about social justice, white supremacy, sales, or art.

You don’t have to be public—two of the most authentic accounts I follow are anonymous. But you must absolutely have to live the life you build your twitter theme around.

You can’t have an account about healthy eating if you’re a fat ass. You’d have more success with fat acceptance account.

Whatever your theme is, you have to live it.

Even if you’re anonymous, your tweets will show authenticity. Reebok Classic FREESTYLE Hightop trainers black/white/blue/red/coal mOZXwrjn
because, by definition, it is impossible to fake.

“I am completely transparent Proenza Schouler Mid heel pumps frx0BN
and twitter”

Many fresh accounts make this mistake.

They read a tweet or an article that they really like. I know they really like it because they retweet it.

The end. This level of effort is unacceptable.

Anyone can retweet what they see. To inspire engagement, you need to add value to the things you retweet. I like to quote an important line or give a glowing recommendation when I retweet.

Some tweets stand alone and simply require a retweet. I regularly quote the best line from the article before I share it. It works wonders for the article exposure. I’m always trying to help.

I almost wrote “Good bio”, but this article is about growing your twitter following.

A “good bio” is the twitter equivalent of a “nice guy.” No one likes a nice guy.

A “great bio” mentions extraordinary things about yourself. A great bio shows what makes you stand out.

Get creative, keep it within the theme, and be exceptional. Be honest and authentic.

Your bio is great if you think it’d be a great tagline for a resume or a dating profile.

Twitter is a platform that rewards writing skill. Tosca Blu FLAMENGO Slipons bianco rTbIZxD

There’s a reason why so many big accounts have blogs.

It’s not because blogging gives you great content to share. That helps, but the real benefit is that it forces you to exercise your writing muscle.

As long as you are getting better, your ability to put a message in 280 characters will improve.

If you tweet high quality messages,more people will follow you.

When reactions loop back to affect themselves, a feedback loop is created There are two types of feedback loops: positive and negative. Positive feedback amplifies system output, resulting in growth or decline. Negative feedback dampers output, stabilizes the system around an equilibrium point.

Positive feedback loops are effective for creating change, but generally result in negative consequences if not moderated by negative feedback loops. For example, in response to head and neck injuries in football in the late 1950s, designers created plastic football helmets with internal padding to replace leather helmets. The helmets provided more protection, but induced players to take increasingly greater risks when tackling. More head and neck injuries occurred (after the introduction of plastic helmets) than before. By concentrating on the problem in isolation (e.g., not considering changes in player behavior designers inadvertently created a positive feedback loop in which players used their head and neck in increasingly risky ways. This resulted in more injuries which resulted in additional redesigns that made the helmet shells harder and more padded and so on.

Negative feedback loops are effective for resisting change. For example, the Segway Human Transported uses negative feedback lops to maintain equilibrium. As a rider leans forward or backward, the Segway accelerates or decelerates to keep the system in equilibrium. To achieve this smoothly, the Segway makes hundreds of adjustments every second. Given the high adjustment rate, the oscillations around the point of equilibrium are so small as to not be detectable. However, if fewer adjustments were made per second, the oscillations would increase in size and the ride would become increasingly jerky.

A key lesson of feedback lops is that things are connected —changing one variable in a system will affect other variables in that system and other systems. This is important because it means that designers must not only consider particular elements of a design, but also their relation to the design as a whole and to the greater environment.

A key lesson of feedback lops is that things are connected

From Ancient Greek Sandals 10MM THAIS VELVET SLIDE SANDALS W7c9iC8
by Courtney Brown:

Feedback loops are typically used to accomplish regulation and control. A feedback loop is like an input, but its origin is from within the system itself, not from outside the system . In many systems, the output reenters the system as another input. This is exactly what happens with a microphone and speakers when the sound from the speakers feed back into the microphone, often causing a loud squeal.

A feedback loop is like an input, but its origin is from within the system itself, not from outside the system

Sanjay Bakshi, a visiting professor at MDI wrote an Sorel CAMP LACE Trainers white Xrh14Mtc
to one of his students on positive feedback:

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